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DWD Recipe: Superior One

One of my signature drinks, the "Superior One." I created his cocktail for Digital Art Gallery Tour event in Philadelphia. I absolutely love St Germain's because it's always the perfect touch of sweet smoothness needed in a cocktail. I originally made this with Bacardi white (Superior) rum which is why I named it "Superior One," but later on I decided the Bacardi gold blender smoother with the other ingredients. 

The reason why I chose to go with Gold over Superior is a slight taste delight that went a long way to my palate. Both liquors have a toasted almond and vanilla flavor with an oaky finish. But the gold also his a buttery caramel and sweet banana taste, it's also a lot smoother and mellow whereas Superior is dry and subtle. 

• Muddled 2-3 cucumber chicks/slices and 3-4 basil leaves
• 1.5oz Bacardi gold rum
• 1oz St Germain elderflower liqueur
• .5oz Lime juice
• 1oz White/Cranberry juice