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Manhattan Community Boathouse

New York City will spoil you. So much so that sometimes we miss out on some of the random experiences the city offers. My good friend invite me out to Manhattan Community Boathouse for free kayaking on the Hudson. I extended the invite to another friend, and although we were both nervous it was extremely fun!

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Lack of Direction, Not Lack of Time

Do you ever feel as though you do not have enough time in the day to do all the things you need to do? Maybe you can get more done if you had 30hrs in a day instead of 24, right? Well the reality is we only have 24hrs in a day, we all have 24hrs in a day (like Beyonce). It's not about "needing more time," it's about "how am I spending my time?" It's all about your time management.

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Nom Nom: Agave

Agave has one of the great things about NYC is the Unlimited Brunches! Usually when going out my friends and I would choose different dishes but this time we couldn't resist ordering the Lobster Benidict.

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