Sophisticated Ignorance Podcast: Pour it up with Dea Pierre


For this episode, we sit down with Mixologist & Entrepreneur Dea Pierre. We discuss some her upbringing, the different business avenues she has pursued and the mentality to have when transitioning through trades, what lead her to focus on mixology, whether she identifies as a mixologist or a bartender and the distinction between the two, whether she finds herself having to define her title, her thoughts on the bartender culture, the stereotypes that come with being a female bartender, the stereotypes of drinkers, some bar secrets, wild stories, the perfect summer drink, major accomplishments and her original YouTube series, Drinks with Dea.

Hosted by Steven & Nieema Simone w/ Vixon John
Executive Produced by Steven, Nieema Simone & Bianca Bey
Engineered by Grant Furton at Dubway Studios