Trinidad Part 1: The Getaway

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This is my second trip to Trinidad. The first time I went and stayed at the Hyatt hotel, and my stay was three days. Those three days were not enough. The second time around I came for two weeks and truthfully, I wish I could've stayed for good. I was lucky enough to stay with my friend and her family who are from Trinidad. I was able to travel around me, see more, and experience so much more than I did.

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Every block, and every house has flowers, fruits, and even sugar cane for some. The first day I took part in Hindu prayers and it was a eye opening moment and peaceful moment. The food was so good, all vegetarian meal that we ate off of a huge leaf. Oh! And with our hands. 

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I love seeing money from other countries. Trinidadian money is so colorful and beautiful. Over 130 new banknotes were released globally in 2014. The International Bank Note Society selected the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago to receive the prestigious “Bank Note of the Year Award” for 2014.

Absolut Vodka is known for their unique artistic bottle designs and limited flavors. I think it was pretty awesome they had a special carnival bottle. I don't drink beer but I had to at least attempt to try the local treats. I flipped for joy when I saw they had banana Fanta (I love bananas). I wish the US would adopt this flavor for its market.

Parrots and monkeys seem to be the normal pets in Trinidad (I'm totally buying a parrot soon). It was so adorable that the Parrots spoke with a Trinidadian accent.

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Dea Pierre