Manhattan Community Boathouse

New York City will spoil you. So much so that sometimes we miss out on some of the random experiences the city offers. My good friend invite me out to Manhattan Community Boathouse for free kayaking on the Hudson. I extended the invite to another friend, and although we were both nervous it was extremely fun!

Manhattan Community Boathouse has two locations, Pier 96 and 72nd Street. It is a first come first serve bias and it is completely free. Of course donations are greatly appreciated and they do give people the opportunity to volunteer at the boathouse. Before getting into a kayak you must sign a waiver stating that you can swim. They even offer classes for Forward Strokes, Turns, and Rescues!

The are open Monday through Wednesday 5:30PM - 7PM from June 6th to August 31st. Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 6PM from May 28th to October 9th. Don't miss out!