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Drinks With Dea + Friends

Learn to Make Cocktails Like a Pro

Drinks With Dea + Friends gives you up close and personal cocktail tutorials from some of New York’s top mixologists. If you are an amateur cocktail-maker looking to get expert advice on creating the perfect drink for your next party or event, then this web series is for you! Top mixologist Dea Pierre invites her friends from across the bartending industry to teach you how to make all their exciting cocktails, helping you impress your guests.

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Things are about to get a little spicy with Shenae. Jalapeños and Mango? Salt and Paprika? Odd combination? Well if you can't handle the heat, get out the...bar. Yeh seems a little off but we couldn't think of something more clever. Comment if you can come up with something better; until then why not try out a Mango Smash at home and tell us what you think.


Try saying Kentucky Bulleit Bourbon Buck three times fast? Yeh we bet you can't do it. Its ok, Traye got something you can do, and that's making a Bulleit Bourbon Kentucky Buck...wait, Bourbon Bulleit Kentucky Buck? Maybe we had too many of these.

We might be showing our age but when The Macarena came out it was definitely fun to partake in. So why not have a fun cocktail that makes you want to dance? Cas is here to teach us how to make a "Pineapple Macareina"

Now that everyone brunches, your regular mimosa and bloody Mary's are getting pretty basic. Raww Blue has just what we need, a GRRRRRRRRAND MARIA!

Beauty and the Beast. For those of you who haven't had overproof before but has heard some scary stories, have no fear, Angie teaches us how something scary can be actually be something truly incredible with this "Rumba" cocktail.

Chad states that he's a little lost when it comes to making a drink but he knows seems to know quiet a lot. He's here to help all find their bartending skills with a "Ginger Lost Island."

Want to whip up a quick cocktail for you and potential Bae? We got you! Alexa shows us how to keep your cool on date night with a crisp Cucumber Gin Cocktail for two.

We asked ourselves, "what kind of cocktail would Superman have after a long day of being invincible?" The answer: Bulliet Proof! Tyler puts a slight twist to a traditional Manhattan cocktail that's a true reward for one after a long day of kicking ass.

La la la BOMBA! Lavender walks us through how to make a cocktail that makes you feel as good as when you hear the song its named after. La Bomba is awesome spring Tequila cocktail thats easy to make.

Funny Julius teaches us how to make a "Uncle Julius" which is a spin on an "Aunt Roberta." The recipe calls for a mix of Gin, Brandy, Vodka, Bourbon, and Blackberry liqueur. Believe it or not this combination delivers quite a smooth flavorful punch. Watch to see how to make it on your own!