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Founder, Drinks With Dea


With over twelve years experience working across New York’s bar and restaurant scene, Dea Pierre has done it all! From the back of house to front of house to running the whole house, she understands how to create an amazing customer experience throughout the entire hospitality industry.

However, it is Dea’s passion inventing imaginative cocktails that drive her latest venture. As a Brooklyn native that was raised in a Caribbean household, Dea was exposed to the intoxicating aromas of herbs, fruits and spices used in island gastronomy from an early age. As time passed, she began experimenting with blending various cultural foods and flavors together to create fresh takes on traditional meals and drinks.

From catering at the UN to bartending in New York’s emerging specialty bar scene, Dea uses her original style to spice up any event! With every new delicious cocktail she crafts, Dea moves one step closer to her goal of revolutionizing the mixology industry!


Redefining Premium Cocktails

Drinks With Dea is all about creating incredible cocktail experiences that are innovative and exciting. By infusing a wide variety of ingredients and perfecting recipes that have never been tried before, we encourage people to try drinks that they would never think to order by themselves!

Founded by expert mixologist Dea Pierre, Drinks With Dea is constantly pushing the boundaries of flavors and flair in bartending. By continuously developing sensational new cocktails, Drinks With Dea is dedicated to bringing people together through the art of mixology.


Drinks With Dea + Friends gives you up close and personal cocktail tutorials from some of New York’s top mixologists. If you are an amateur cocktail-maker looking to get expert advice on creating the perfect drink for your next party or event, then this web series is for you! Top mixologist Dea Pierre invites her friends from across the bartending industry to teach you how to make all their exciting cocktails, helping you impress your guests.



Let’s get into some recipes! This is your go to for classic cocktails and original Drinks with Dea cocktails. Watch various Drinks with Dea shows as well or head directly to our youtube channel.

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