Sorrel Colada

There’s no denying how much I love being from the Caribbean, combing two of my favorite drinks was a no brainer. Rimmed with brown sugar and dried pineapples, made with fresh Coconut Milk, Pineapple, and Homemade Sorrel with Dos Maderas Aged Rum for a beautiful summer day.

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A cocktail perfect for a nightcap, with hints of spice, orange, and caramel. It’s best enjoyed in warm settings with maybe a cigar in hand. I had a little fun with this cocktail and changed the glass as well as got creative with the garnish.

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BrandyDea Pierre
Drunk Games with Dea: S1E4

The Angle Genius Karl Lenz is up for a round of Hangman. He’s use to keeping his cool and composure on and behind camera but let’s see how well he does with shots on the line.

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Dea Pierre
Mango Smash

Things are about to get a little spicy with Shenae. Jalapeños and Mango? Salt and Paprika? Odd combination? Well if you can't handle the heat, get out Yeh seems a little off but we couldn't think of something more clever. Comment if you can come up with something better; until then why not try out a Mango Smash at home and tell us what you think.

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